Airstar offers Permanent Lighting Solutions.

Considering the increasing requests to enhance spaces, Airstar created products can be customized and integrated into any environment thus creating the perfect enhancement to fit your needs.
  • Great attraction due to the shape, light output and visual effect
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • From one month to several years use depending on the ranges
  • The ideal improvement to any sites, venues, monuments or sale spaces
  • Offer a special magma effect
  • Different shapes and colors

Lighting Furniture

Our exclusive range of attractive design furniture and customized lighting inflatable can entirely change the feel of the spaces and the identity of your venue. Our products are equipped with the latest innovative LED technology which allow us to control our lights through wireless DMX all powered on battery or permanent electrical cable
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Lighting Inflatable

Using Airstar products as an architectural decorative elements for interiors projects, shopping mall airports, themes park, casinos, restaurants, retail stores , museums, theaters and ever growing list of destinations that aim to bring higher level of visitors experiences.
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